Registration is now officially open for Cycle 4 of the GFG Photography Mentorship Program!

Who is the Photography Mentorship Program For?

This program is for anyone that is 16 years or older, who already has some minimal knowledge or interest in photography. It is especially for photographers who are in the early stages of their photography journeys and  may be deciding whether photography is something they want to pursue professionally or leisurely. 

Today, everyone owns a camera due to the accelerating development and easy accessibility of technology but does this mean that everybody is a photographer? This is an age-old debate that comes up frequently between photographers that use DSLR (digital single lens reflex) cameras and photographers that utilize their everyday camera phones. However what matters most, is the person YOU want to become with your camera.

As such, this program is not solely for sharpening your photographic skills  but it is also about guiding your innate desire to become a more intentional photographer so that you can excel in any photography-related field that you choose to take.

What Can I Expect?

During this program, mentees will have access to 10 power-packed and meaningful sessions that will cover fundamental photographic topics such as lighting, composition and storytelling but it will also go a step further and cover the importance of networking in the photography industry, personal branding and narrowing down what personal goals and avenues are available in the field.

This program is designed as a close contact and intimate forum where budding photographers can come with their questions, receive genuine feedback and advice on their current portfolios. It is also intended to be a space where professional photographers who need assistance building a portfolio or a brand for themselves can learn how to make the most out of their opportunities.

At the end of the Photography Mentorship Program, each mentee will receive a certificate of completion documenting their personal investment and participation in the program. 

Who Will Be My Mentor?

This program will be facilitated by artist and photographer, Gabriella Wyke who has been formally educated at the Savannah College of Art and Design (Atlanta) where she graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Photography in 2020.  Since then Wyke has been working as a freelance photographer and owner of Gifts From Gab Studios Limited where she and her team seek to provide a variety of creative solutions for their clients which include photography. So far, Wyke's work has been recognized both locally and internationally by the likes of Fujifilm, Boynes Artist Award, the Eddie Adams Workshop and more. She has also had the pleasure of publicly exhibiting her photography on the global stage and hopes that she can share her experiences with other photographers so they too can take advantage of resources that are available.

Where Will the Program Be Held?

The Photography Mentorship Program will comprise of both in-person and virtual sessions as well as 1-1 mentorship sessions and on-location photo walks that will aim to facilitate a variety of different learning styles and mentees from all over the island of Trinidad. More specific details will be provided about a physical location upon registration.

How Do I Register?

To Register for Cycle 4 of the program, each mentee must complete the registration form and make a full payment of $950 TTD before the deadline, June 24th, 2024. Please use the link below to register for Cycle 4 which will be held from June 29th-July 29th, 2024.

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